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We do it all with passion and detail because we love what we do and truly believe in the power of visuals for changing things and achieving communication goals.

Visual language speaks clearly. This process is our trusted gem.
Every project, every client is different, still we managed to develop a basic timeline of what’s happening between contacting us and launching your project.

When you contact us by email we usually ask for basic informations like field of work, the scope of the project, deliverables you would like to have and the ideal deadline. From these we can send you a quote. We do treat every email confidentially form the start, so if you already have a creative brief you can send it over as well. More information means a quicker and more precise quote. If you're pleased with the budget we schedule you into our calendar and start the journey.
Our process starts with you! What’s your vision? We love to see your inspiration. Don’t know where to start? No worries! We’ll ask the right questions. Our goal on the first meeting is to have a clear concept and understanding about who you are, why do you do what you do, your values, goals and expectations and who you serve. At the end of this session we will have defined what your brand is about and what makes it unique. Every stakeholder and decision maker have to attend this meeting. We work from the informations you provide, so the first discovery meeting is the most important step of all. Missing informations & opinions cost valuable time & money later on in the design process.
Once we’re on the same page and know exactly what your brand should communicate, we explore many ideas, learning what works and what doesn’t until we land on the best concept that meets the brands goals. We present 2 of our best visuals in a stylescape form. On the meeting we talk about what you like about the styles and the overall goal is to have a clear visual path in front of us regarding the over all mood, the colour palette, typography and logo style.
Final look
Once the stylescape is approved, we usually create a final stylescape just to have it as an agreed reference. From here you can review, conduct final spell checks, and make minor adjustments. By this point you shall provide the wording for the website or any brand collateral.
Then we go on to carefully design each element. We start finalising the colours, exporting logos and designing collaterals. This is where the real magic happens. This is the point were we get real real - crate the final files, choosing papers & printing methods. Communication and collaboration is the key. As we create, we stay in close contact with you to stay on track with the goals.
In the final step we share a Dropbox folder with all the materials created, so you can reach it whenever you want to. We know that printers speak a different language from mere mortals so, if the project includes helping with the printing process, we’ll be there until the product is in your hands. Depending on the scale of the project we create a stylesheet or a styleguide for you, that helps to be consistent with your visuals well beyond our collaboration. We prepare you for your launch by providing you with resources to understand the usage of each design element.
Whom we work with
We work with those who care. Who see the value in visual communication and understand what their business can gain from it. We want you to be excited about our collaboration.
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