Print Theorem

Narrative-based fashion

We worked with Print Theorem to distil their mission into a harmonious identity. The essence of their brand is to share stories through art.

In an industry that has historically been focused on moving faster, it’s time to decelerate. Print Theorem believes storytelling has the power to slow down fashion.
Print Theorem's bee represents the unspoken visual language how bees dance & communicate through choreography.
Every squared composition is rigorously considered and is then printed onto the finest silks at a family run mill of artisans in northern Italy.

Together, we can share stories,
Together, we can empower,
Together, we can slow down fashion,
Together, we can change the world.

One action at the time.

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Narrative-based fashion
This is how cool a dentist’s visual identity can be! | STRUCTURA x DARE STUDIO

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