Structura - Functional Dentistry

Long-term sustainable treatments

A dentist branding without a single tooth

Structura works with structures of treatments in order to achieve a functional rehabilitation that goes beyond the head and neck region and aims at stabilizing the whole body. Using abstract, architecture-inspired elements and bold colors meant we can design a dentistry without the usual graphic clichés. Functional dentistry is deeper than a pretty and “quick” smile that is beautiful but functionally incorrect. What does it mean? Faulty speech or chewing function, changes in swallowing, which affect the chewing joint, the associated muscles and, through them, virtually the entire musculoskeletal system.

We designed the basic branding features such as business card, letterhead, folder, social media presence, but also the workwear, office decor and the website.

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Brand Design
Art Direction
Long-term sustainable treatments
This is how cool a dentist’s visual identity can be! | STRUCTURA x DARE STUDIO

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